First Ortho Visit

What Should You Expect at the Initial Appointment?

Welcome to our office in Fayetteville! We understand that each patient has different health needs, aesthetic goals, and expectations about treatment. We have set aside a special time to discuss these questions regarding you or your child's orthodontic care. After you have scheduled a new patient consultation a welcome packet will be sent to your email account. For your first visit, please take the time to complete the new patient form that was sent to you. By completing this form prior to the consultation, we can begin your visit without delay. Please allow approximately one hour for your first visit to our office. If you do have insurance benefits, please complete the appropriate information on the new patient form regarding your insurance coverage. During the new patient consultation, our insurance coordinator will determine your total amount of benefits and schedule of payments so this information will be available to you before leaving your appointment.

Upon your arrival, you will be kindly greeted by our receptionist. They will assist you in getting checked in at the Patient Sign-in Terminal and will notify our treatment coordinator that you have arrived. Our treatment coordinator, Tina, will greet you in our waiting room and escort you or your child to one of our consultation rooms for your first visit with Dr. Jason. Tina will then obtain diagnostic records consisting of photos and radiographs prior to the exam. After diagnostic records are obtained, you will meet Dr. Jason to discuss treatment. Because these records are obtained at your first visit, Dr. Jason is able to obtain basic information regarding any current or potential orthodontic problems. He can then properly address your individual concerns and needs.


  • Address the nature of the orthodontic problems

  • Type of orthodontic treatment required
  • Estimated length of treatment time
  • All information will be conveyed with strong visuals using our state-of-the-art Dolphin Aquarium graphic communication system


  • An examination report of problems and recommended treatment

  • Information regarding future appointments
  • The estimated cost of treatment
  • Payment options available through our office, if you should have orthodontic insurance, we will be able determine your maximum benefit prior to leaving the appointment

If you are satisfied with the proposed treatment plan and financial arrangements and Dr. Jason has indicated you or your child is ready to initiate treatment, the process of starting orthodontic treatment can begin.

What if treatment is not recommended at the first appointment?

If treatment is not indicated, a recall appointment will be scheduled at either six to 12 months, to monitor the child's growth and dental development. The majority of children seen in Dr. Jason's practice should be monitored until the majority of permanent teeth have erupted before initiating orthodontic therapy. This protocol limits the child to one phase of orthodontic treatment and reduces both the total treatment time and the cost of orthodontic treatment.

What is my responsibility once the braces have been put on?

We remain in close communication with your regular dentist. It is necessary that check-ups and cleanings continue to be scheduled throughout orthodontic treatment every six months. The patient must also maintain regular visits to our office throughout your orthodontic treatment. These are usually scheduled every eight to ten weeks to monitor your progress, check your hygiene, and adjust your braces. Orthodontics is very different from medicine or general dentistry. The orthodontist and the staff cannot do all the work for you. Successful treatment is a team effort: patients, parents, staff and the orthodontist working together. The rewards are your pleasing smile, healthy teeth and your glow of new confidence.