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New Board Game Lounge in NWA!

August 26, 2020

New Board Game Lounge in NWA

Finding entertainment outside the home can be quite tricky these days, especially when you are looking for constructive and educational activities for your kids. Luckily, Board Game Knights, a newly opened board game lounge in Bentonville, has you covered.  

Katharine and Jesse Arburn created Board Game Knights out of a love for board games and a desire to create a space for individuals and families to hang out and have something to do for an afternoon or evening. Katharine remembers spending her time as a teenager roaming around the mall or sitting in coffee shops. As an adult, she wants to create an affordable space that provides screen-free entertainment to the community.

One thing that sets Board Game Knights apart as a positive space for the community is the educational aspect of board games. For young children, they can learn and practice turn-taking, as well as color sorting and matching. Older children can practice problem-solving and critical thinking. Children also learn history, math, and science lessons from board games that focus on those disciplines. By playing board games with people outside their family, children learn social and soft skills, such as communication.

At Board Game Knights, kids have the opportunity to play Euro-style games rather than traditional American-style board games. American-style games are what you think of playing at home growing up. These are games like Monopoly, Life, and Scrabble. American-style games are traditionally luck-based, highly-competitive, and they frequently take a long time to complete.

Euro-style games are typically more strategic, they often have a time limit, and they are occasionally cooperative. This allows players to grow their team-building skills while working with others to accomplish a common goal.  

Board Game Knights offers unlimited gameplay upon entry for a $7 cover charge Sunday – Thursday. They also provide after school programs for kids to continue growing their problem solving and critical thinking skills. For $77 a month, your child will be able to attend one meeting a week where they play board games and work through a curriculum designed to teach them reading comprehension, mathematical concepts, and help develop their social skills. Board Game Knights also cultivates multiple Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, including a group designated for kids.  

We at PDAO are giving away three Play Passes, each of which allows for five free entries into Board Game Knights. This can cover a family of five coming once, an individual coming five separate times, and anything in between.  
For more information regarding Board Game Knights, click here to access their website, or click here to access their Facebook page. 

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