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How Water Helps Your Smile

June 25, 2020

How Water Helps Your Smile

How Water Helps Your Smile

It seems like a no-brainer when people are instructed to drink plenty of water, especially during the hot summer months. Hydration is important. But what folks may not know is how important it is to a healthy smile. Below are four ways water contributes to a great smile. 

First, water actually cleans your mouth. All the food and germs you collect throughout the day, especially leftover sugar from juices and sodas? Water helps get rid of it. Leftover sugar can actually help create bacteria, which leads to cavities. It also dilutes acids from your drinks. 

Second, tap water (and some bottled waters) provides fluoride, which helps prevent tooth decay. Most city water contains fluoride used to strengthen teeth. 

Third, water helps prevent dry-mouth. If you stay hydrated, your body produces the right amount of saliva. And in turn, that saliva helps stop bacteria from forming. 

Finally, water is calorie free and a healthy body option. Sugary drinks have been linked to increasing obesity in America. 

You may find it challenging to get your child to drink water, but there are ways to help. Try buying a special cup that is just theirs. When they’re old enough, they might enjoy getting water from the fridge dispenser. Use a sticker chart to track water intake and make it fun. And you can also show them how beneficial water is by drinking it in front of them. 

When it comes to summer outdoor activities, it’s important to have a hydration game plan. 

The Kendrick Fincher Hydration for Life program recommends four tips. 

First, know your sweat rate. You have to replace what you’re losing during outdoor activities. Balance is key. 

Second, make sure you’re drinking liquids before, during, and after workouts. This helps you perform at your best by giving you a head start, providing the energy to keep going, and replacing fluids and electrolytes. 

Third, choose the right beverage. Water is the best source to prevent dehydration. But if you’ve been sweating for more than an hour, sports drinks might be the better option because they have electrolytes, flavor, and carbs. 

Kids should avoid fruit juices, carbonation, and caffeine, before and during their outdoor activities. 

Finally, speak up if you feel ill. Ignoring early dehydration signs can be dangerous. Athletes should tell their coach if they’re feeling unwell so they can get liquids and proper rest.

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