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New Check-in System for Pediatric Dental Associates and Orthodontics

June 4, 2020

With Covid-19 cases still rising in Northwest Arkansas, Pediatric Dental Associates and Orthodontics is employing a new check-in system to keep everyone safe and healthy.

The first thing patients will find after scheduling their appointment is an email with some paperwork in their inbox. It needs to be filled out prior to the appointment. Any problems with the paperwork can be addressed simply by replying to the email. 

When you get to the parking lot, there are numbered signs for all spots. Thirty minutes prior to the appointment, patients will get a text message. When they pick a parking spot, they simply text that spot’s number back in the text message they got earlier. And that will show staff their patient has arrived. 

Staff will then come to the car and take everyone’s temperature in the vehicle. After that, they’ll ask some questions and make sure patients understand the risk of Covid-19 exposure within the practice. 

Once everyone in the car has been cleared and the questions answered, patients will remain in their vehicle until it’s time for their appointment. When that time arrives, a staff member will return to the vehicle, and patients will be asked to wear a mask before they go into the building. 

After the appointment is complete, and patients are leaving the dentist chair, they’ll be asked to place their mask back on. At that point, staff will lead them up to the checkout desk. 

At the desk, payment, scheduling the next appointment and discussing further treatment options will be taken care of. Then, the patient will simply exit the building the way they came in. 

For any questions about this new check-in process, be sure to call PDAO at (479) 582-0600. 

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