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New Communication Tool: Klara

March 12, 2020

Learn about KLARA

PDAO also has a new communication tool called Klara. It’s a texting communication tool. There are a few ways to use it. 

The program is a patient-to-office and office-to-patient texting option. You can sign up at When you go to the website, a little Klara popup will appear on the right side of the screen, and you can use it to sign up. 

Another way to make use of Klara is to call in, and when you’re in the automated phone system, hit the number seven. That will send a text to your mobile device to help you get signed up. 

Automatically when you sign up, you’ll get a text asking how PDAO can help you. Patients can then respond and say what they need. After that, patients will get a text back with a link to a HIPAA secure site to communicate with PDAO. 

The rest of the communication will then be done via a secure website for patients. 

With the secure site, staff can talk about appointments or anything else a patient needs. They just can’t take any payment information through it. Records requests, paperwork, scheduling, and more can be done via this service. 

The staff at PDAO want patients to have the best way to communicate.

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