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Introduction to National Orthodontic Health Month

October 9, 2019

National Orthodontic Month

Introduction to National Orthodontic Health Month

The month of October is dedicated as the National Orthodontic Health Month and therefore, we have Dr. Jason to talk about orthodontics, why Dr. Jason became an orthodontist and what his beliefs are. You will also learn about what happens when you get braces, how to take care of your braces during treatment and the reason behind the regularity of retention processes.

About Dr. Jason

Growing up in South Arkansas, Dr. Jason Landers moved to Fayetteville to go to his school and after college, decided to enroll in a dental school in orthodontic training. His hobbies include outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, and fishing. He is married to his wife, Laura and has two beautiful children – Lilly, who is 12 and Davidson, who is 14. Taking up any opportunity to go outside, their family loves to participate in activities including camping, hiking, fishing and anything else that gives him a break from work for a while.

Considering himself both lucky and blessed to have grown up with a really good orthodontist who made a positive impact on him, Dr.Jason started to become interested in the field of dentistry. Although, no one in his family were dentists, looking at other professionals in the field sparked his interest more in high school, making him want to explore the area more in college. During college, Dr. Jason went to different offices to see if dentistry was truly what he wanted as a career.  The reason behind Dr. Jason choosing the aspect of orthodontics is because it was a little different to most of the areas of specialization in dentistry, where the results aren’t as immediate as the others. He loves the long haul of the field, as orthodontics typically requires a year and a half to two years for completion of the process.  He likes how the process includes problem-solving and especially loves seeing the changes in the personality of his patients from when they initially come for treatment and feel a bit insecure about their teeth, to later seeing their full-on smile after their teeth transformation. He feels like their personality becomes more outgoing and this brings him the satisfaction to work at his area of orthodontics.

About Orthodontics

The methodology of orthodontics changes a lot over time with new and more effective technologies coming on about. To ensure that they deliver the highest quality of service, Dr. Jason involves his staff in continuous training to learn about recent studies and new science relating to orthodontics. They go to meetings, conduct research and hear the most up-to-date information to make sure that they are delivering that to their patients. Dr. Jason favors training with his staff once every 2 to 3 months and sits from 8:00 to 5:00 to go over the different procedures, consider the ways to bring better services and decide on how to complete those procedures to stay as efficient and effective as possible for the team. Dr. Jason believes that orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth and going for a more aesthetic look. There are additional issues relating to the shifting of teeth and for that, orthodontists have to perform comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis to ensure that they address all the orthodontic needs of their patients. They specifically look at their patient’s bite and how their upper and lower teeth are fitting together, and how the back teeth and rest of the teeth are fitting together. Such issues not being accurately addressed can result in joint pain, damage to permanent teeth which would lead to more crowns or restorative work down the road. Therefore, the main work of orthodontics lies in not only straightening the teeth but also correcting the bite as well.

Cost of Orthodontics

The general cost varies depending on the severity of the cases where a patient with a fantastic bite and just a few rotated teeth might find treatment to be less expensive than someone with skeletal disharmony and more troubling issues with their bites. However, the cost of Dr.Jason’s office is rather fair and includes everything from the start to the finish. This includes the comprehensive evaluation at the initial appointment, placing all the brackets, using every adjustment, putting on the retainers and maintaining them throughout the patient’s life by follow-ups. Patients will not be charged every time as Dr. Jason only charges a one-time fee.

Traditional Braces Versus Aligners

Due to technological advancements, clear aligners can achieve a lot more than they could years ago. Orthodontists can do a lot more with with orthodontic teeth movement using clear aligners. Therefore, fewer cases require traditional braces now. Yet, if the patient has trouble remembering that they need to wear their aligners, which usually need to be work for 20 to 22 hours a day, the optimal result cannot be achieved. This is when traditional braces are recommended for use.

Why There Are Different Phases of Treatment

There’s a lot of bite issues that can be resolved by treating patients at an earlier age, typically in the ages of 7 to 8. If significant crowding or two teeth are seen to come out of place, it is called cross bites where the upper arch becomes too narrow causing bite issues. When patients are younger, there’s a lot of advantages to treating their cases. Braces are kept on until the children reach their junior high school and maintained for about 12 to 14 months. This early phase treatment corrects the major bite issues. When the patient becomes older and have all their permanent teeth in, a second phase of treatment is conducted to finish everything off.

When should you visit an orthodontist?

It is recommended that orthodontists have mothers coming in with their children when they are as young as seven. This is the ideal time to clear up earlier issues before your child is ready for braces and is done every 6 months.

Ending Notes

Dr. Jason would love it if kids at such age do not require any treatment but he still feels at peace knowing that he had tackled any issues of the child beforehand. What sets Dr. Jason’s orthodontic clinic apart from the rest is having young dedicated ladies working for the smiles of people. Their years of experience and attention to detail accompanied with the environment they work in provides excellent results for their patients. Dr. Jason remarks that the advantage of working with other dentists in one office is how great the communication is, how easily difficult issues are handled and how patients don’t have to go to another office for treatment of other dental issues beside orthodontics.

Rapid Fire Question and Answers

Q. Is Dr. Jason a morning or night person?

Ans. A morning person.

Q. Does he prefer peanut butter or Nutella?

Ans. Peanut butter.

Q. What is his favorite Broadway musical?

Ans. Wicked, because he saw it on Broadway at NYC and he was blown away by the performance and talent. Other musical favorites include Hamilton, Book of Mormons and Lion King.

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