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Farewell Dr Tonya!

July 10, 2019

Farewell Dr. Tonya

We are celebrating our 20 years of service this year! June 1st of 1999, Dr. Tonya opened this practice in NWA. Since then we have grown, served more children in NWA, and even have a second location in Bentonville! With all of that, we have some sad news: Dr. Tonya is retiring. We are so sad to see her go, but glad she will be able to stay in NWA and enjoy traveling. You will likely see her around town at any Razorback sporting event!

Her desire was for children to see the dentist by the age of one, which meets AADP recommendations. Dr. Tonya strived to get that information out into the community, and to make sure parents knew we were here. She brought a super, awesome, fancy, fun environment for kids to go to the dentist in. The concept was to eliminate the fear of the dentist for your child. Dr. Tonya started being called by her first name and made that a priority to help children feel more comfortable. Since then, every doctor in our practice has adopted the same standard.

As a practice, we wish her the best! We hope she has an amazing and happy retirement. Thank you, Dr. Tonya, for inspiring us and being so actively involved in community service. That is something we will carry on as your legacy! Congratulations!

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