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2nd Annual Hunt for the Golden Pumpkin

October 19, 2018

2nd Annual Hunt for the Golden Pumpkin

For the next two weeks we will be having a special promotion called the Hunt for the Golden Pumpkin.

Here is how it works:

Our staff has painted over 70 pumpkins and will be hiding them all over NWA in kid friendly areas. If you find one of these pumpkins you could be entered to win a $100 visa gift card. We will be releasing hints on where to find these pumpkins on our instagram account @Smilesarewild.

What do I When I Find a Pumpkin?

  1. Look at the tag attached to the pumpkin
  2. Read the instructions on the back and follow
  3. Post Picture of Pumpkin on Instagram or Facebook
  4. Include #PDAOpumpkinhunt
  5. Tag us @smilesarewild


  1. Or bring the pumpkin in.

* Make sure to make your instagram profile is public during the contest so that we can view your profile

  • We will usually like your picture to let you know we have received your entry.
  • We will end draw our $100 winner on the day of or the day before Halloween.

The Golden Pumpkin

There are four golden pumpkins hidden around NWA with a PDAO tag. If you find a golden pumpkin, you automatically win a $200 visa gift card.  There will be 2 in Fayetteville/Springdale area and 2 in Rogers/Bentonville area. We will post clues to find these golden pumpkins on our Instagram account. This contest will end when all of our golden pumpkins are found.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

We will also be having a pumpkin decorating contest. To be entered, please bring your pumpkin into one of our two locations. Please make sure that the pumpkin is painted or decorated, but not carved or pierced, as it will spoil. We will judge the pumpkins based on creativity and ability for the age. If you wish to keep your pumpkin, let us know when you drop off your pumpkin and we will be happy to call you after the contest is over.

Follow us on Facebook and @smilesarewild on Instagram to keep up with the contest. Feel free to reach out us if you have any questions about the contest.

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