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Delta Dental Smiles & MCNA Dental programs for ARKids!

October 18, 2018

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Delta Dental Smiles and MCNA

Dental Programs for ARkids

Find out what is covered under your new plan with Delta Dental Smiles for Kids or MCNA.

 There are changes coming to the ARkids Dental Programs. We want to help you make this transition as easy as possible, please review some of the changes and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or drop by one of our locations. 

If you are a participant in ARkids, TEFRA, or any other medicaid based program, you should have been recently assigned to either Delta Dental Smiles for Kids or MCNA.

We would like to discuss:

  • What you should be expecting
  • What you should already have
  • And what you can do if you are not already assigned.

What you should be expecting

  1. As a participant in ARkids, your child should have been sent information assigning them to an MCO (Managed Care Organization). That is the program that will run your child’s benefit program. Your child will be either assigned to either Delta Dental Smiles or MCNA. Be aware that there will be some children that will remain on the state program for a certain amount of time and then they will be assigned.
  2. Our office has decided to take both plans, so there is no need to stop coming to our office because of what your child has been assigned. We will continue to take ARkids as well.
  3. You will still come for your 6 month cleanings. Your co-pays will still apply. You will still be able to come for exams, cleanings, regular restoration, and orthodontics on a limited basis.

What you should have received

  1. Both companies should have sent a packet to each family. In the packet there should be: a beneficiary handbook, a brochure, and a card. If you have misplaced that information, please feel free to send us a private message and we would be happy to assist you in getting that information to you.


  1. As far as our office is concerned, we will continue to accept both programs.
  2. There are a few added benefits on each plan. It should not affect your treatment.
  3. One of the major changes to that some extra treatments are not covered. How we have handled this in our office is to do your regular scheduled cleaning and if additional treatment is needed, you will receive a printout that details what is covered and what is not.  If you are not covered, if you choose to still receive care, there will an out of pocket expense. We would be happy to work with you to help make it as easy as possible.

We look like to draw special attention to one new feature in your plans:

You have being assigned to MCO and if you have been assigned to a Primary Care Dentist other than us, you are allowed to continue to be seen with us or can still become a patient at our office. It is not the same as your PCP. What is important is that the dental office accepts your plan and we accept both.

If you have not been assigned:

You will need to call the number on the back of your current ARkids and ask them if your child has been assigned and if not, when they are going to be. 1-866-864-2499 1-844-341-6262

Feel free to ask questions that is what we are here for and we want to make this transition easy!  Our insurance coordinator is Angie and she would be happy to discuss your insurance benefits. Please free to call our office or stop by one of our locations.

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