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Celebrating our Mothers

May 9, 2017

WE WANT TO TAKE A MOMENT TO RECOGNIZE an important figure in all of our lives—our mothers!
We’re grateful for all of the time, attention, and care our mothers provide for us throughout our upbringing and beyond. The positive impact they have is immeasurable and we want to express what they mean to us this Mother’s Day.

What We Love About Our Moms

From Ms. Debbie: “My mom has always been the model of a caring person. It didn’t matter if she was tired, or busy, she always had time for us and anyone else who needed help. She let me be the “tomboy”, helped me dig worms when I brought baby birds home, let us keep horny toads, turtles and snakes so we could learn about nature.” Ms. Debbie also writes about a favorite memory involving her mother- “When my siblings and I decided to get her everything she wanted for Christmas. We bought a huge stocking and anytime she mentioned anything she needed, we bought it. Her face was priceless! I love my mom!”

From Katie P. (RDA): “I love that my mom is so selfless and is loving to any and everyone.”

From Dr. Courtney: “She is my # 1 fan no matter what!”

From The Mothers On Our Team… What Do You Love Most About Being A Mom?

From Melinda (RDA): “The best thing about being a mom is even when my day has been rough nothing makes it better than kisses and snuggles from my baby. He may keep me up at night but his smile and the way his eyes light up when he sees me makes it all worth it. My life is now all about my son (and my hubs of course!); I would do anything to keep him happy and healthy!”

From Jensy (Front office team): “What I love the most about being a mom is being able to share such a pure unconditional love with my daughter. It is truly special.”

From Courtney (Orthodontic Assistant): “As a new mom in the infant stage, my favorite thing about being a mom is the recognition on her face when I get home after a long day away from each other or when she wakes up. She always gives me the sweetest smile and my heart melts a little more.”

Mothers, We Appreciate You!
Whether your mom lives near or far, show her how grateful you are for her this Mother’s Day. To all you moms out there, THANK YOU!

Have any great stories about your awesome mom or an amazing motherly figure in your life? Post it in the comments below or on our Facebook page!



(Picture: Dr. Courtney and her mother)

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